Month: July 2016

Can You Really Prevent Dental Cavities?

Are you tired of struggling with dental cavities? Do you wonder if more could be done to prevent them? If so, you’re not alone. The vast majority of adults in America will deal with dental decay during their lives, yet cavities are preventable. Through a combination of excellent dental hygiene and regular checkups and cleanings… Read more »

Why Your Dentist Says, ‘Don’t Forget to Drink Water!’

You know that doctors have long agreed, staying properly hydrated is one of the simplest and best things you can do to care for your body. After all, a well-hydrated body is essential for vital organ function. When your body lacks water you can suffer a host of symptoms ranging from headaches to sleepiness and… Read more »

Dentist-Approved Alternatives to Traditional Summertime Treats

Does the summer heat have you reaching frequently into the freezer for some sweet, icy treats to help you keep cool? Perhaps you have made one-too-many trips to the ice cream shop or snow cone stand, lately, in an effort to beat the heat. While there is nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying a treat, too… Read more »

Brighten Up with Professional Teeth Whitening

Summer certainly provides a lot of reasons to smile. From extra time to spend with friends, to chances to explore exotic lands or even local attractions, hopefully your summer will provide plenty of opportunities for face time with those you love and also photo ops. In order to enjoy both, though, you might first want… Read more »