Do You Need A Bridge Or Partial Denture?

burds dentureIf you lose one or more teeth we will always recommend seeing the dentist to discuss replacement options. Doing so helps more than just your appearance, you can improve your overall oral health as well. We have multiple options for addressing tooth loss. Do you need a dental bridge or a partial denture to return your smile to full function and health?

The Health Risks of Tooth Loss

How does losing a tooth hurt your smile? While the initial changes to your appearance are obvious, there are other issues that can develop later. For example, misalignment often develops when gaps appear in your smile. You can also have difficulty eating properly or being understood when you speak. In order to enjoy optimal oral health, you should discuss possible tooth replacement options right away.

Dental Bridge

A very common option is a dental bridge, which can replace one to three teeth in a row. Lifelike replacement teeth are constructed with crowns on either end. The doctor prepares the teeth on each side of the gap and places the crowns on them, which anchors the new teeth in place. They can last for 10 to 15 years before requiring adjustment or replacement. We will also discuss proper care and maintenance of your prosthetic.

Partial Denture

A partial can address multiple lost teeth, even if they are spread across an arch. The prosthetic contains an acrylic base that looks like natural gum tissue. There are also lifelike teeth and metal clasps. The clasps attach to the remaining natural teeth, securing your new ones in place. We can discuss how to clean and care for your prosthetic. On average, a denture can last between 5 and 10 years before requiring adjustment or replacement. If you have any questions about partial dentures or bridges then please contact our office today.