3 Questions To Ask About Dental Bonding

shutterstock_197695514If you have a chipped, broken, or worn tooth, dental bonding may be the right option for you. It’s commonly used to reshape teeth or fill small gaps between teeth, creating a seamless smile. There are numerous benefits to this cosmetic procedure – your dentist is actually able to match the bonding material to the shade of your tooth using a resin material. If you’ve been wanting to close a gap between your teeth or correct the shape of a tooth, visit your dentist to talk about the options you have. If you’re interested in bonding – you may want to ask your dentist a few questions!

  • What Is The Bonding Material Made Of?

The material your dentist will use for this procedure is a resin-like material similar to the composite resin that is used for fillings.

  • Is There A Recovery Period?

Actually, no. There isn’t any “recovery” period after your procedure, you’ll be free to go about your normal activities the same day. However, your dentist will probably warn you to avoid certain foods and drinks that easily stain for a few days.

  • How Long Does The Process Take?

Typically, the entire procedure from start to finish takes 30 to 60 minutes for each tooth. If you’re only applying the bonding material to one tooth, you shouldn’t be in the dentist chair very long!

Is Dental Bonding Right For You?

While these questions are great to ask your dentist and gain information about the material and procedure, don’t stop there! The more you learn, the more comfortable you’ll feel choosing the “right” cosmetic procedure with your dentist.