3 Essential Questions To Ask Before Extraction

shutterstock_249204610So, your dentist tells you that you have a tooth that needs to be extracted. A thousand questions start forming in your head, starting with – “how much is it going to hurt?” Take a deep breath, it’s not as painful as it sounds. Plus, think about it this way; your dentist will only recommend extraction when they believe it’s absolutely necessary. That is, your damaged tooth is posing a risk to your healthy teeth, or your wisdom teeth are coming in misaligned. If you can get in three questions to your dentist about your extraction, let it be these:


  • 1. What precautions should be taken before and after the tooth extraction?


Knowing what to prepare yourself for will help to ease your mind about the procedure. Even if your dentist is extracting your wisdom teeth, it’s as easy as any other tooth!

But, this would also be a good time to ask about good things to eat after the procedure, should you use a special toothpaste, how should you clean around the incision site, (if you’re pregnant) are there any additional precautions you should take?

2.  What type of sedation will be used?


Depending on the severity of your condition, different sedation may be used. For simple procedures, your dentist will likely use local anesthetic. However, for more complicated cases, they may use general anesthesia.

If they think they’ll need to use stronger sedation, you may want to have someone come with you so they can drive home – you should not get behind the wheel!

3. How long is recovery?


Usually, your dentist will recommend staying cautious about what you’re eating and such for at least 2 weeks, but sometimes up to 4 weeks. The length of your recovery will depend on the severity of your situation, but usually, recovery isn’t too long compared to other oral surgeries.