Your Questions About Dental Sealants

questionmarkblueHave you ever really learned much about dental sealants? Or do you know just a bit of information that you’ve been relying on for many years? As with any preventive treatment, we often find that patients know just a few facts about the general benefits and the procedure but frequently come up short-handed when it comes to the important details. As a result, we often field a variety of interesting questions when patients visit us. We are, of course, always happy to provide answers to any of your inquiries, which is why we would like to get the ball rolling with a quick Q&A session that is sure to help.

Q&A: Dental Sealants

Question: What is a dental sealant?

Answer: A dental sealant is a physical barrier that we place on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. It is composed of a thin layer of plastic that you will not be able to see – your tooth will continue to look the same.

Question: How do sealants benefit my child’s oral health?

Answer: Your child’s teeth are full of little tiny grooves, pits, and fissures that make excellent hiding places (and traps) for food particles and bacteria. These areas are difficult to reach and difficult to clean. As a result, the likelihood of tooth decay greatly increases. By sealing these surfaces, bacteria cannot make contact with them. The likelihood of cavity formation drops significantly.

Question: Will my child still need to brush and floss every day?

Answer: Yes. Plaque sticks to teeth every day, potentially resulting in tooth decay on other surfaces or gum disease. In addition, the dental sealants act like safety nets that will help your child avoid tooth decay until he or she masters effective brushing.