Q&A: Dental Extractions

q&arainbowAre you feeling extremely uneasy about our recommendation for an extraction? If so, we certainly understand your hesitation – when you know very little about a treatment, it is easy to make assumptions or simply feel anxious about what you do not yet know. As a result, we would like to fill your mind with knowledge that will help you shed your fears (because they can keep you from recognizing the wonderful benefits of dental extractions). Allow us to answer questions that frequently come up at our dental practice, so you can focus on the good, while looking forward to restored oral health and a lovely smile.

Questions and Answer: About Extractions

Question: Will I be left with an unsightly opening in my smile for the rest of my life? What happens after my dental extractions?

Answer: No, of course not. Before we even perform your extraction, we will discuss teeth replacement options with you. Then, we will create a unique plan to replace your tooth after you have healed. This may include the use of a partial, bridge, or dental implants to complete your smile.

Question: Do you ever choose a dental extraction because it’s easier than performing certain restorative dentistry procedures?

Answer: No. We always choose a dental extraction because it is absolutely necessary or because other restorative treatments will not suffice. Our priority is to help you retain your natural teeth when possible.

Question: I know that extractions are necessary for teeth that are severely damaged or will not respond to other types of treatments. However, do you ever remove a tooth for any other purpose?

Answer: Yes, we may remove a tooth if a dental extraction is an essential part of your orthodontic treatment. This is often necessary for individuals suffering from an overcrowded smile.