FAQs: Root Canal Concerns

FAQschalkDon’t worry – you are not the first (and likely not the last) patient to feel extremely concerned about root canal treatment. More interesting than the fact that patients feel hesitant about this treatment’s comfort level is the fact that patients worry about a lot of additional issues. For instance, some patients are more focused on why their tooth requires care, while others focus more on postponing the event. Do yourself a favor – toss all of those feelings aside. Treatment is wonderful, comfortable, and truly effective. Learn more by considering some FAQs that are sure to resonate (and help you feel much more confident).

Frequently Asked Questions: Root Canal Treatment

Question: Why is my tooth infected? I brush and floss my teeth!

Answer: It takes just a tiny bit of bacteria to enter your tooth to create an infection. Even a tiny crack or some type of trauma to your tooth may provide entrance.

Question: What happens if I don’t schedule a root canal treatment? Can I put it off until I am ready?

Answer: Neglecting to schedule an appointment for your root canal treatment is actually a dangerous decision. Every moment you wait, you allow the infection to advance. As a result, you may develop an abscess, the abscess can eventually rupture, or surrounding healthy tissues may even become infected.

Question: I’m worried that the root canal treatment will hurt. What can I expect?

Answer: What you should expect is a surprisingly comfortable treatment. We will numb your tooth tissue and the nearby tissue with local anesthetic. We will also provide you with sedation options, like laughing gas, for a truly relaxing visit.