Tooth-Colored Fillings: What’s the Difference?

tooth colored fillingsIn the early 19th century, metal fillings were introduced to the world of dentistry as an easy way to repair tooth cavities. Although there was some speculation that amalgam could cause health issues, this type of filling has been proven to sufficiently perform its job and is still used by many dentists today. Modern dentistry has taken restorations a step further, with the invention of composite resin tooth-colored fillings, which provide a longer-lasting and more aesthetically pleasing final outcome. Many patients choose white fillings over metal nowadays for the cosmetic benefits, and added strength provided to their teeth.

Strength, Comfort, and Durability

Unlike amalgam, composite fillings are made from a mixture of material that actually bonds to your tooth. This unique property allows the filling to create an extremely strong restoration that can withstand temperature and pressure changes without causing damage to your tooth. Because your teeth are held in place by strong ligaments, they are able to naturally flex and move within their sockets a small amount. Restorations that are not bonded to your tooth can create cracks and discomfort during this normal movement. When taken care of properly, white fillings can last a lifetime, and require little to no maintenance.

Beautifully Natural-Looking

The majority of cavities occur in your back teeth, which are hardly seen unless you smile or laugh. For some people, this is reason enough to opt for natural colored fillings over metal. Composite resin fillings are custom blended to closely match the color of your other teeth, and often cannot be detected by an untrained eye. With the huge amount of growth in cosmetic dentistry, some patients are choosing to have their metal fillings replaced with composite resin to complete their smile makeovers.

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