The Bridge That Is Not A Game

bdgIf you were to lose only one tooth would you have it replaced? Many people look at one tooth without much importance. If it’s a molar and not noticeable it’s tempting to ignore the empty space, but no empty space in your mouth should be ignored. Not only can a missing tooth or teeth affect your smile and self-confidence it can eventually affect your facial structure, joints, surrounding facial muscles, and lead to atrophy of your jawbone. Spaces between teeth can also cause other teeth to drift out of alignment which can lead to TMJ problems. If you have one or two missing teeth, look into the bridge that is not a game: the dental bridge.

Dental Bridge

A missing tooth is not good for your dental health. There are ways to replace a missing tooth or teeth. A dental implant is a permanent fix but requires a complex surgically invasive procedure. If you are looking for a simple, less invasive, and financially viable alternative a dental bridge may be the treatment for you.

How they Work

Dental bridges were commonly used before dental implants. They are custom made and durable. A dental bridge is a porcelain appliance that consists of abutment crowns that fit over the two natural teeth on each side of the space left by the missing tooth. Attached to and in between the abutments are artificial teeth to replace the missing teeth and restore your chewing and biting functions. To fix the bridge in place, the abutments crowns are bonded onto the natural teeth.  The artificial teeth are fabricated to blend with the natural teeth making the appliance inconspicuous.

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