The Culinary Arts

spicesDo you or a member of your family enjoy the culinary arts? What better time to indulge that interest than in the winter time when food, snacks, and beverages bring us warmth and comfort. Perhaps you’ve been interested in the culinary arts for some time but have never pursued that interest. How about now? The cold, overcast days of winter are a perfect time to spend indoors warming up the kitchen, steaming up the windows, and filling up the homestead with savory smells and flavors. If you’re indulging your interest in the culinary arts, check out Allspice Culinarium.

What: Allspice Culinarium

Where: 400 East Locust Street, Suite 5, Des Moines, IA 50309

Hours: Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm; Saturday 10am to 5pm; Sunday 12pm to 4pm


Located in Des Moines’ Historic East Village, AllSpice Culinarium is a locally and family-owned business that offers fine culinary ingredients for everyone from the curious cook to the experienced chef. Featuring freshly ground spices, the finest olive oils and vinegars, flavor-packed blends, and carefully chosen baking ingredients, the founders of AllSpice chose the name from the intriguing and aromatic spice discovered by Christopher Columbus on the island of Jamaica. As a self-professed foodie, Alex Rhoads, one of the original founders and owners, found the world of spices fascinating and fun. To him the seasoning Allspice signified versatility, complexity, exploration, history, learning, and sharing, the same experiences AllSpice founders wanted to bestow on their customers.

Although Alex passed away in 2012, and Jennifer Rhoads, co-founder, handed the daily tasks over to Rory Brown and Andy Haning-Brown in 2013, they and their staff still are faithful to Alex’s tag line, “Spices. Smells. Samples. Sarcasm.”

For a great way to spend some time this winter, a place to find food recipes and gift sets, stop by AllSpice Culinarium where the knowledgeable staff enjoy assisting you with your cooking needs.

Check out their website at

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