Q And A: Exercise And Your Oral Health

exercise2Reasons not to exercise: 1) It’s winter. 2) It’s cold. 3) It’s gloomy. 4) Exercising is not fun. Reasons to exercise: 1) It’s good for you. 2) It’s good for your oral health. Although it may seem that there are more reasons not to exercise, the reasons to exercise are more pertinent. Did you know regular exercise can help you live longer? And exercise is not just good for your overall health, it can be good for your oral health, too. There are numerous benefits to exercise. In today’s blog we answer questions concerning exercise and your oral health.

Q and A:

Question: How does exercise benefit my physical health?

Answer:  Exercise benefits your physical health in numerous ways: it helps control blood pressure, it reduces the risk of dying from heart disease, it helps keep your weight under control, it stabilizes glucose levels, it improves digestion, and it can lengthen your life.

Question: Can exercise improve my mental health, too?

Answer: Exercise is a mood booster, it helps combat depression, decrease stress, and it increases self-esteem. It also boosts brain power, and increases mental clarity.

Question: How does exercise benefit your oral health?

Answer:  Exercise helps your body utilize vitamins and minerals essential to healthy teeth. Regular exercise also reduces inflammation throughout your body, including your mouth which helps combat periodontal disease which is a chronic inflammatory disease. Periodontal disease has been linked to other chronic diseases including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, lung disease, and dementia. However, exercise helps combat or regulate many of these. People who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight are 40 percent less likely to develop periodontal disease.

Question: Exercise is not fun. Do I have to do it?

Answer: Exercising with a buddy is not only more fun, it is also beneficial to have someone to hold you accountable, it keeps you motivated, and you often get better results.


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