It’s Never Too Late For Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

stockingThe holidays are the perfect time to encourage proper oral hygiene. You’re family, from the tiniest to the eldest, is eating sweet, rich treats and drinking beverages such as wine, eggnog, and other sweet, fizzy, and acidic drinks. Realize it or not, their teeth take a beating.  Add to that the fact that the holidays are such a busy time of year does anyone really pay proper attention to their dental health? All the more reason to stuff their stockings with dental-related gifts. After all, it’s never too late for last minute stocking stuffers.

What To Get That Will Fit

The most likely dental stocking stuffers are a toothbrush and tooth paste. A manual toothbrush makes a great stocking stuffer, but electric toothbrushes are said to clean your teeth more effectively.  Kids love electric toothbrushes because they are cool, but they are also beneficial for older family members who suffer from arthritis or have limited mobility in their hands, and people with disabilities.  Individual toothpastes can help stop the spread of winter germs, and satisfy each member of the family’s toothpaste preference. Other good stocking stuffers include:

These are quick and easy gift ideas that can be found right at your grocery store or nearest convenience store!

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