Four Holiday Treats To Try To Forget

fruitcakeThe holidays are such an exciting and beautiful time of year. People are in the Christmas spirit. They are shopping, wrapping, decorating, and enjoying family and friends. During the holiday season there are often several parties to attend with all sorts of sweet and savory treats, but there are some treats you may want to avoid. In today’s blog we discuss four holiday treats to try to forget.

The Four

Treat #1: Candy Canes and other hard candies are not tooth-friendly, not only because you can chip or crack a tooth while eating them, but they take a long time to dissolve. As you’re licking, sucking, or melting these candies in your mouth, you are coating your teeth with sugar. Sugar attracts harmful oral bacteria that contribute to tooth decay.

Treat #2: Caramels are chewy and sticky, too, and this can be a recipe for disaster. If you have any type of dental work such as fillings, bridges, or crowns you may want to skip the caramels to avoid damage. Not only can they dislodge dental work but they are sticky and difficult for your saliva to wash away meaning they can remain on your teeth for long periods of time contributing to decay.  

Treat #3: Believe it or not some people actually eat fruitcake. However, the candied fruit is high in sugar and sticks to your teeth, and the base of the fruit cake is high in processed sugars also. Another recipe for dental disaster.

Treat #4: Fudge is another popular thick, chewy, sticky holiday treat. It too is difficult for your saliva to clean away and can remain on your teeth encouraging decay.

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