Cosmetic Dentistry Material Options

cosmeticdentThere are a variety of materials available for cosmetic procedures today. Each material has its pros and cons. But if you have no idea what the materials are or what they do it is hard to make an educated decision. Of course, your dentist will discuss options with you and recommend what he or she sees fit, but it is still nice to be in the know. Take our true or false quiz below for a fun way to learn about cosmetic dentistry material options.

True or False?

  1. True or False: There are two things to look for when considering a cosmetic dental material: looks and wear.
  2. True or False: Feldspathic porcelain is a favorite cosmetic material due to its esthetic nature.
  3. True or False: Glass leucite is never used for crowns or bridges.
  4. True or False: Zirconium is the same material used to make cubic zirconia jewelry.
  5. True or False: Lithium disilicate is the least esthetic cosmetic dental material.


  1. True: Whether a crown, bridge, or veneer, the result of your cosmetic treatment should blend with your natural dentition and wear just as well, if not better, than your natural teeth.
  2. True: Feldspathic porcelain is a quartz-based porcelain material used for porcelain veneers and was very popular 15 years ago. It remains in use because it looks like natural teeth.
  3. False: Glass Leucite a mixture of glass and ceramic, is commonly used for crowns and bridges because it provides strength, durability, and is esthetically pleasing.
  4. True: There are many forms of zirconium and one form is used to make cubic zirconia jewelry. However, the dental material is an oxidized form of zirconium, a ceramic by-product of zirconium and oxygen.
  5. False: Lithium disilicate is a strong, highly esthetic glass ceramic material. It is a combination of quartz, lithium dioxide, phosphor oxide, alumina, potassium oxide and various other components.

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