tobaccoTobacco is bad for you. We all know it. It’s simple. It causes many diseases including lung disease, heart disease, and cancer. But there is something about tobacco that you probably don’t know. If you are wondering what that is, read your Des Moines Dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds toBADcco FAQs to find out.


Fact #1: Tobacco use increases your risk of developing periodontal disease regardless of whether you dip, chew, smoke a pipe, or smoke cigarettes. In fact, tobacco use in any form may be responsible for nearly 75 percent of adult periodontal cases.

Fact #2: Tobacco users are more prone to gum disease because tobacco use encourages the buildup of bacterial tartar on teeth which causes periodontal disease. Tobacco use also results in an unhealthy increase in harmful bacteria in the oral cavity which also contributes to periodontal disease.

Fact #3: Periodontal disease tends to be more severe for people who use tobacco products.

Fact #4: Smokers cannot fight off periodontal infections as well as non-smokers, because smoking reduces blood flow to your gums which helps keep your gums healthy. This decrease in blood flow makes it difficult for smokers to combat the harmful bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

Fact #5: For those who use tobacco products, periodontal treatments can be unsuccessful or less effective due to the nicotine, tar, and other chemicals found in tobacco. These chemicals can slow down the healing process

Fact #6: Periodontal disease among smokers is not only more severe, it progresses faster

Fact #7: To help prevent the development of periodontal disease, tobacco users should consider visiting their dentist more than twice yearly for a thorough examine and professional cleanings, and use a toothpaste particularly for smokers. Such toothpastes are stronger and designed to help eradicate harmful bacteria and the development of plaque and tartar deposits.

Fact #8: Smokers should also use a mouthwash particularly designed for smokers.

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