Des Moines Iowa Blank Park Zoo

lemurYour oral care is extremely important to your health and happiness, but so are family and community. There are numerous things to do this fall to enjoy and support both.  Some are educational while others you can do simply for fun and entertainment. Today your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, suggests having some fun by visiting the Des Moines Iowa Blank Park Zoo.

What: Des Moines Iowa Blank Park Zoo

Where: 7401 SW 9th St., Des Moines, IA 50315

Hours: October-April 10AM to 4PM

Admission: Adults (13-64) $8; Seniors (65+) $7; Children (3-12) $4; Children (2 and under) FREE


The only accredited zoo in the state of Iowa, the Blank Park Zoo consists of 22-acres of animal exhibits and facilities. More than 1,400 animals and 104 different animal species make their home at the Blank Park Zoo. Come spend a day visiting your furry, finned, and feathered friends.

The zoo has over 25 exhibits including:

  • Amur Tigers
  • Lions
  • Lemurs
  • Snow Leopards
  • Seals and Sea Lions
  • Spurred Tortoises
  • Squirrel Monkeys
  • Penguins

Don’t Miss the Special Events!

Night Eyes: Night Eyes is a Halloween celebration that has been taking place at the zoo for 23 years. Be sure to join this year’s 24th annual event consisting of magical characters, a train ride, and sweet treats! Proceeds ensure quality care for our zoo animals, and support zoo programs and opportunities brought to our community by the zoo.

Dates: October 16th through 19th; and 23rd through 26th

Santa at the Zoo: This special event takes place on December 6th and December 13th.  Celebrate the Christmas holidays with our animal friends and enjoy a day of holiday cheer. Your children will enjoy meeting Santa, writing a letter to the North Pole, and visiting all the animals while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. Don’t forget your hat, scarf, and gloves as there may be a holiday nip in the air!

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