Month: September 2014

Clearing Up the Facts About Invisalign

It’s very common for adults to experience trepidation regarding the idea of straightening teeth with traditional braces. Metal bracket-and-wire orthodontics do tend to look out of place after a certain age. If braces are the only option for you to straighten your teeth, you should certainly absolve yourself of embarrassment and remind yourself that your… Read more »

Exercise and Oral Health: An Unlikely Combination

There is a direct relationship between your overall and oral health. This means that if you practice healthy habits, you will be more likely to have a healthy mouth, and if you maintain good oral health, you will be more likely to have good overall health. The roads to success with oral and overall health are… Read more »

Do you Require a Tooth Extraction?

Keeping your teeth strong and healthy helps you keep your smile for a lifetime. However, sometimes unfortunate conditions or traumas result in losing teeth. In some cases (such as periodontal disease or facial injury) your teeth may fall out or get knocked out. Other times, Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds may have to remove a… Read more »

Don’t Overthink Root Canal Treatment

Des Moines general dentist, Dr. Burds, is well aware that mental comfort is often a result of reputation and knowing what to expect. In this way, root canal treatments have received a bum rap.Root canal treatments are actually considered conservative dental procedures, believe it or not. Not much more complicated than a filling, if you have a… Read more »