No Need for Pulling Teeth, Thanks to Oil?

healthy smileHomeopathic remedies may seem counter-intuitive to scientists, but if something works, it works. Certain alternative medicine practices have stood the test of time. In general, before you try anything that could damage your dental health, you should always check with your dentist first. Oil pulling, however, is one of those natural do-it-yourself supplements which is most likely entirely harmless. Credited to ancient Ayurvedics, oil pulling has made a comeback of late. The idea that pure organic oils can leech bacteria and other unfriendly organisms out of your mouth is certainly compelling enough to try.

How to Oil Pull

Several oils are believed acceptable for the pulling process: coconut, sunflower, and olive are all great as long as they are extra virgin and cold pressed. However, many people believe that the best option is organic sesame oil. You may also try alternating oils for optimal effectiveness. No matter which oil you utilize, the procedural elements remain the same.

  • Begin with about a tablespoon of your oil of choice.
  • Swish the oil around in your mouth for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Allow the oil to mix with your saliva. The oil will eventually turn into a thick, white liquid.
  • When all of these steps are complete, you should spit the oil out along with the toxins and bacteria which are thought to now be trapped inside the oil/saliva mixture.
  • Rinse with water and brush your teeth as normal.

Caution is Advised

Dentists do not recommend that you substitute your regular oral hygiene with oil pulling. Will a daily oil pull really eradicate Streptococcus mutans (the bacteria which cause cavities? Is a simple tool like oil likely to lessen plaque buildup, and reduce bad breath? If you try alternative methods like this, just make sure you continue with your six month checkups, brushing twice-a-day with a fluoridated toothpaste, and flossing. If regular oil pulling enhances your dental health, this is great news. However, remain diligent with all of your regular efforts.

Visit your Des Moines Dentist

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