Interested in White Fillings?

Retired CoupleDid you know that you are actually exposed to more mercury vapors from an amalgam filling by removing it, than by keeping it in your mouth? Nevertheless, many people are simply more comfortable replacing their metal fillings with white or tooth-colored restorations. If you feel that you’d be happier with composite-resin fillings for health or cosmetic pursuits, we’re happy to help.

Amalgam and Mercury

Mercury poisoning concerns existed all the way back in 1830 when two French brothers by the name of Crawcour introduced their new material to dentist’s in upstate New York. Members of the American Society of Dental Surgeons (ASDS) rallied to ban the use of amalgam materials for dental fillings. This meant that only gold was available, so only well-to-do members of society could hope to hold onto any portion of their natural teeth when they presented with cavities. Since there was no tangible proof of mercury poisoning, people decided to take their chances and amalgam fillings became popular all over the world.

Reasons to Opt for Composite Fillings

You probably don’t need to be concerned with mercury poisoning from an amalgam filling or two. However, one legitimate concern is that metal expands and contracts with temperature changes. If you drink more than a normal amount of extremely hot coffee and tea, or very cold water, soda, or juice, over time the expansion of your fillings could possibly lead to cracks and fractures. When a tooth cracks, you will be more susceptible to tooth decay, and could possibly end up in need of extensive dental restoration procedures. Since there are a great number of possible alternatives that will provide peace-of-mind for your health and aesthetics, Dr. Burds is certainly happy to speak with you about your options.

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