Teething Concerns: Eruption Cysts

Baby Bottle FeedFinding an unidentified mark, bump, or bruise on your baby can be very disconcerting for parents. However, black and blue marks are not unheard of as toddlers learn to roll, crawl, and walk. However, imagine looking over at your crying toddler only to see the shocking sight of a bluish-purple lump on their gums. Scary as this might sound, eruption hematomas, or eruptions cysts, are actually fairly common when new teeth are cutting through the gum tissues. Fortunately, they are no cause for worry.

Eruption Cysts

Your baby’s teeth reach maturity inside a protective enclosure which is located in their jawbone. When their primary teeth have completely developed, they will begin to emerge through the bone. In time, the sharp ends of the new teeth will pierce through the gum tissues and you will see them for the first time. This is usually time to take out your camera and commemorate the exciting milestone for most families.  However, when the protective enclosure from early tooth development leaks fluid, the liquid can accumulate between the tooth and gums, and your baby will have an eruption cyst. The appearance of an eruption hematoma is basically a dark red, brown, bluish-purple, or translucent bruise on the gums.

How Do Dentists Treat Eruption Cysts?

As disconcerting eruption cysts appear, the bruises usually don’t require special treatment. Your baby’s tooth will usually break through the hematoma and emerge just like any other normal teething experience. The bruise will heal in a short time. However, for your own peace of mind, err on the side of caution. Contact Dr. Burds to confirm the eruption cyst. If the tooth still hasn’t made it through the gums after a few weeks, a small procedure to release the tooth can transpire in the office. Dr. Burds will make a small incision which will allow the tooth to break through the tissue safely.

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