The Symbiosis of Oral and Overall Health

Oral-SystemicScience has continued to study and embrace the idea of oral-systemic health. This is the concept that periodontal disease and tooth decay are potentially related to the quality of your overall health. You have surely heard of gum disease even if you’re not one of the 80% of adult Americans who has gingivitis (early gum disease) or worse. You surely know that bleeding gums are often a symptom of periodontal infection. But you may not have yet been exposed to the scope of oral-systemic connections. If you knew for a fact that gum disease raises your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health conditions, would you take your dental health more seriously? Des Moines dentist, Dr. Steve Burds would like to provide you with more information to help you prevent periodontal disease.

Preventing Gum Disease

If you would like to reduce your chances of developing gum disease, we encourage you to start with excellent oral hygiene twice a day. Floss between each tooth once a day, before you brush. Brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste for about two minutes at a time in the morning and evening. You can follow up by rinsing with a germ-killing mouthwash.  This helps to remove food particles and bacteria which collect in the nooks and crannies which your toothbrush cannot reach. The second part of your gum disease battling plan is biannual checkups and cleanings with Dr. Burds.

More Gum Disease Information

  • Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss.
  • Periodontitis (severe gum disease) results in periodontal pockets and sometimes abscesses. It can even move into your jawbone.
  • Periodontal disease is incurable, but it can be treated to stop the spread of bacteria.
  • Studies of oral-systemic health have linked gum disease to conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, premature labor, strokes, and heart disease.
  • Gum disease which is caught at the earliest stage and treated should not progress to a point where your overall health is badly affected.

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