Fixing Gaps in your Smile

diastemaDiastema is the clinical term for a space between two or more teeth. Often, diastemas occur between the top two front teeth. There are public figures well-known for smiling proudly in spite of gaps in their smiles. Lauren Hutton, Madonna, Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sir Elton John have enjoyed flourishing careers without opting for fixing the large spaces in their teeth. However, if you feel self-conscious about having a diastema there are several treatment options form Des Moines dentist, Dr. Steve Burds.

Causes of Tooth Gaps

You might want to know what is causing that space between your teeth. Natural spaces in the teeth of children are normal with baby teeth. This allows for permanent teeth which are much larger to have plenty of space as they grown in. However, there are many cases where the spacing remains off in an adult smile. When the two front upper teeth are separated by a gap, an oversized labial frenulum (the skin between the lip and the gums) is often to blame.

What are My Treatment Options?

First and foremost, you should visit Dr. Burds to determine the cause of your space or spaces. Together, we can come up with an informed treatment plan. Options to close gaps in teeth may include orthodontics (either Invisalign or traditional braces). Porcelain veneers adhered to the outside of the teeth will cover up spaces and other flaws. Crowns and bridges are other possible options, as are dental implants if the space is big enough and in a further back position. If an oversized labial frenulum is the cause of your diastema, a minor surgical procedure called a frenectomy is sometimes prudent. Once the skin is thinned out, the gap will close on its own.

Visit your Des Moines Dentist

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