Month: April 2014

Multiple Choice Test on Sleep Apnea

You may be wondering what sleep apnea has to do with dentistry. Dr. Stephen J. Burds offers this multiple choice test to help you learn its importance. 1.) Sleep apnea is: A.) A chronic disorder that affects your sleep B.) Talking in your sleep C.) Tossing and turning in your sleep

Implanting Knowledge about Replacing Lost Teeth

How broadly, sincerely, and comfortably would you smile if you were missing teeth? Whether you are lacking a single visible tooth, a few, or all of your teeth, there’s no doubt that a smile in this state is less comfortable to flash. Even if you have replacements such as partial or full dentures, you are… Read more »

The Symbiosis of Oral and Overall Health

Science has continued to study and embrace the idea of oral-systemic health. This is the concept that periodontal disease and tooth decay are potentially related to the quality of your overall health. You have surely heard of gum disease even if you’re not one of the 80% of adult Americans who has gingivitis (early gum… Read more »

Fixing Gaps in your Smile

Diastema is the clinical term for a space between two or more teeth. Often, diastemas occur between the top two front teeth. There are public figures well-known for smiling proudly in spite of gaps in their smiles. Lauren Hutton, Madonna, Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sir Elton John have enjoyed flourishing careers without opting for… Read more »