Less Common Conditions Treated by Dentists

Jaw HurtingThe job of a dentist is not solely centered on maintaining the health of your teeth and restoring them when they are damaged or infected. There are quite a few conditions which are treatable by a comprehensive dentist. Are you aware that you can turn to your dentist for assistance in matters such as TMJ issues and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? If you have chronic pain in your jaw (or any of the muscles radiating from your jaw) or your sleep patterns are interrupted throughout the night by a feeling that you are gasping for breath, perhaps it’s time to see Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds.

Bruxism and TMD

Of course, if you know the laymen’s term for bruxism is teeth grinding, you won’t be surprised that a dentist would help you with this issue. The condition often goes hand in hand with other dental complaints, including temporomandibular joints disorder (TMD). Headaches, neck and back pain, tooth damage, and dizziness are common side effects and symptoms of TMD that could throw you off the track of realizing that this problem is dental in nature. Once you have teamed up with Dr. Burds to pinpoint bruxism and/or TMJ issues, the solution is often as simple as a customized mouthguard which you wear while you sleep. This relieves your teeth and jaw of pressure which stops you from unconsciously sawing your teeth back and forth in a potentially damaging manner.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The soft tissues in your throat are pliant enough that they can actually block your airways while you sleep. This is called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and is seen more commonly in patients who struggle with obesity. However, the condition can occur in anyone; even children and teens. It may be difficult to narrow down your daytime tiredness to sleep apnea at first. However, if you sleep in the same room or bed with someone, they will often be the first o alert you to the issue. With OSA, you literally cease breathing for several seconds up to hundreds of times each night. You will wake yourself up, gasping and sputtering for air. You are also likely to snore incredibly loud. If someone tells you that you sound like your breathing stops momentarily during your slumber, seek medical attention immediately.

Des Moines Dentist Can Help Treat Your TMJ Disorder and OSA

To learn more about TMD and its negative influence on your mouth’s proper function, or if you have OSA concerns, schedule a consultation with your 50309 dental office by calling your Des Moines dentist at (515) 244-9565. Located in the 50309 area, we proudly welcome patients from Des Moines, River Bend, Kirkwood Glen, East Village, and neighboring communities.