Taking the Edge off of Dental Anxiety with Light Sedation

NervousIf you were to rejoice about going to the dentist, this would seem more unusual than if you expressed feeling very nervous about the whole experience. A bit of dental anxiety is par for the course for most people. Even when dental offices go the extra mile to create a pleasant experience for patients, pushing off checkups and dental procedures is commonly seen. For those who are truly phobic, a vicious cycle can occur as a result of dental procrastination. The more you avoid dental work, the worse your teeth become, and the more dental work you will need. Des Moines dentist, Dr. Steve Burds, recognizes the importance of helping patients through their dental anxieties to keep their necessarily dental appointments regular.

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

You may already have the answer to this. A bad experience in your life can taint your feelings about dental appointments for years to come. However, for many people, the cause of anxiety is more obscure. Perhaps your fears seem irrational, but at the core of most anxiety is feeling out of control. Anxious people become panicky when they feel that something terrible is sure to happen which they can’t stop. Other reasons for dental fear could include claustrophobia, worry that there is something seriously wrong with your dental health, or embarrassment over a sensitive gag reflex. All of these elements of fear about going to see Dr. Burds can be addressed with various levels of sedation.

Communicating your Fears

The best thing you can do for yourself if fear is leading to avoidance of important dental appointments is to communicate with your dentist. We can help if you just let us know what is going on; no judgment. We’ve helped many patients shake the nerves off through a variety of tactics. Before long, going to the dentist will feel as pleasant as going to get your hair cut. We will offer you courtesy, kindness, and understanding. We can also discuss additional amenities which may help to calm your nerves (such as nitrous oxide or oral sedation) both of which wear off fairly quickly with few (if any) side effects.

Dental Sedation from Des Moines Dentist

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