Month: December 2013

Beware the Dental Damage that Oral Piercings can Cause

Oral piercings are not generally a favorite trend of Des Moines, IA dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds. Creative forms of self-expression with the body may seem like no big deal. At least piercings are much more temporary than other forms of body art, like tattoos, for example. Unfortunately, when you pierce your lip or tongue, tooth… Read more »

The Basics of Brushing your Teeth

Many of us have the intention of maintaining good oral hygiene habits between dental checkups. Turning the idea of consistent brushing and flossing into an actual habit that you practice is another thing, entirely. Tending to your teeth at least twice a day is one hurdle, but it is also important to make sure you’re… Read more »

Des Moines, IA Cosmetic Dentist Can Change your Smile

Chances are, if you watch television on any given night, you’ll be staring at all sorts of smiles that have been altered by cosmetic dentistry. Actors, news reporters, reality show stars – many feel the pressure to provide the public with a beautiful grin. There are a great many of us that simply aren’t born… Read more »