What is an Eruption Cyst? Des Moines Dentist Answers

TeethingBoyThere’s nothing more joyous, wondrous, and sometimes frightening than being a parent. People are resilient, even when they’re just starting out in life. Babies can give us scares, however, especially because their ability to communicate is limited to crying. When you see a physical sign of distress that you don’t expect, it can set off alarm bells. And eruption cyst is not highly common, but they can happen in teething babies, and cause quite the fright for parents. Imagine looking over at your crying toddler, and seeing a bluish-purple bump on their tender gums. Your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds will explain the cause of eruption cysts, and reassure you that your baby will most likely be no worse for the wear if they have one.

A Deeper Look at Teething

Before they emerge, teeth grow inside a protective enclosure inside the jawbones of babies. Once fully developed, baby teeth (also known as primary teeth) will begin to emerge through your baby’s jawbone. As they move down, the teeth will pierce through the gum tissue and you will see them for the first time. This can be very exciting for parents. Unless, that is, the protective enclosure from early tooth development leaks fluid. As this accumulates, your baby could end up with an eruption cyst (or eruption hematoma). In essence, this is nothing more than a bruise. However, the dark red, brown, bluish-purple, or translucent and inflamed spot can breed parental panic

Treating an Eruption Cyst

However disconcerting eruption cysts can be, they generally don’t require treatment. Teething will proceed as normal, in spite of the hematoma. You can expect the cyst to heal in a relatively short time and the tooth will emerge just like any normal teething experience. The bruise will usually heal in a short time. Still, when you see anything unusual with your child’s dental health, it definitely warrants a call to your Des Moines dentist. If the eruption cyst lasts for several weeks with no tooth eruption, a small, simple procedure might be necessary to release the tooth.

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