Fall Eating Tips from Des Moines Dentist

Whole FoodsHave you been enjoying that fall bite in the air? Some places in our country are already starting to feel downright cold. Others might be a bit on the warm side, but there’s still a feeling when the seasons change. Fall can conjure up fond memories and even set off cravings for particular foods. Unfortunately, fall favorites such as apple and pumpkin pies, fresh baked breads and cookies, and high carbohydrate fair come along with leftover food particles in your teeth. Fortunately, your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, has some dietary recommendations that are good for your dental health.

Why is Sugar Bad for Teeth?

Why do we need to worry about what we eat in relation to our oral health? Our teeth are coated by an extremely hard substance called tooth enamel. While this is the hardest compound in our bodies, it is constantly under attack by bacteria called Streptoccocus Mutans. These pesky germs love to congregate in the moist environment of your mouth, feed on high carb and sugary food particles, create lactic acid as a by-product, and thus cause cavities. Well-fed S. Mutans are plain and simplu harmful to tooth enamel, and thus detrimental to your oral health.

Good Food Choices for Dental Health

So, we know excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates are a cavity-creating paradise for the germs in your mouth. What might be some good choices then? Try starting your fall mornings off with yogurt and fruit, or a delicious smoothie. If you want something warm, oatmeal is a great option. Snacks could include vegetable crudites and cheese (all of which are extra beneficial to teeth in addition to having no sucrose). Protein choices such as chicken and fish are great options. A stew in the crockpot is always nice to come home to. If you are a vegetarian, there are more and more interesting non-meat meals to enjoy, including tofu, tempeh, and seitan as meat replacements. All of the same sides and veggies are interchangeable. Just stay away from white breads and rolls, pasta, white rice, or any pre-packaged side dishes that have a high sugar count.

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