Month: August 2013

Des Moines Dentist Offers Health Advice to Patients

As kids start going back to school all over the country, all of that time encapsulated in classrooms, exposed to their peers may very well translate into colds and other illnesses. While the attention can be fun, no one likes the feeling of being sick. If you’re concerned about germs, you can work towards avoiding… Read more »

Do You Need a Crown? Des Moines Dentist Can Help

If you injure your tooth, it can be cracked or broken, causing a need for reinforcement. Dental injuries can occur accidentally, in a fight, or during contact sports. Decay is really like another form of injury. Severe tooth decay or extreme wear from grinding teeth can weaken the structure to such a degree that you… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Veneers

Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks? You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of cosmetic dental options. If you are someone that has multiple problems at the same time, dental veneers might be your best option. Des Moines dentist, Dr. Steve Burds, will answer some of the most frequently asked… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist Highlights Homemade Teeth Whitening Oddities

Your Des Moines dentist, Dr. Steve Burds, is proud to provide patients with professional level teeth whitening. Turning to your dentist for whitening help is generally the best recommendation if you want to have safe and significant results. There are some homemade whitening methods that aren’t likely to cause any harm, however, and could give… Read more »