Des Moines IA Dentist: Three Things You Should Know about One Visit Teeth Whitening

white smile 2A bright smile can make you stand out in a crowd. Something about the dazzling flash of white draws eyes. However, the opposite is true for a dull smile, so if you’re tired of being hidden behind yellow teeth, the time has come to do something about it. Why not whiten your teeth? And why not do it fast? Read below to learn three important things about the one visit teeth whitening procedure offered by your Des Moines IA dentist, Dr. Steve Burds.

  1. You are one hour away from a bright new smile. The one visit teeth whitening treatment offered by your Des Moines IA cosmetic dentist, Dr. Burds, typically takes about one hour to complete. During this time, Dr. Burds will cover your lips and gums and apply a whitening agent to your teeth. After the hour is complete, your teeth should appear noticeably whiter.
  2. One visit whitening is more powerful than storebought whiteners. The whitening toothpastes and strips that you can buy in stores are not nearly as powerful as the whitening agents used in professional teeth whitening. Thus, the results achieved by toothpastes and strips are typically difficult to discern. Over time, they may brighten teeth a couple of shades, but the results are usually far less dramatic than those produced by professional teeth whitening.
  3. One visit whitening works well against most stains, but not intrinsic stains. In some cases, one visit teeth whitening is not the proper treatment for stained teeth. One type of stain that can discolor teeth, known as an intrinsic stain, cannot be lifted by whitening agents. In cases of intrinsic stains, alternative cosmetic treatments such as dental bonding or dental veneers are necessary to produce a whiter smile.

One Visit Teeth Whitening from Your Des Moines IA Cosmetic Dentist

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