Month: February 2013

Des Moines Dentist: Dentistry and Women’s Health

Last week, we explored periodontitis (advanced gum disease) and its devastating effects on your oral health. We also brushed upon the prevailing theory that the mechanisms of periodontitis, mainly the bacteria that cause periodontal inflammation, can influence your risk of developing heart disease.  For some women, this risk can be of special concern. Des Moines dentist,… Read more »

Is Your Snoring More than Just Annoying?

If your sleeping partner snores habitually, you may have lost sleep one or more nights due to the noisome interruptions. If you snore, you may not even realize that you are keeping your partner awake, other than the discussions that are bound to follow. In some cases, however, your partner’s frustration may not be the… Read more »

How Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile

Losing a tooth can be a devastating experience. For some people, a gapped smile is not a significant blow to their ego, and they may quickly grow accustomed to their smile’s new landscape. Even the most confident smile, however, can suffer from tooth loss, even after you’ve filled the gap with a traditional dental restoration…. Read more »