Month: January 2013

When Your Smile Just Needs a Touchup

Different elements factor into fixing your smile, depending on the issues that need correcting. These days, people often visit the dentist to fix the appearance of their teeth rather than their health, and discretion is vital when improving the beauty of your smile. Typically, less is more, and if your teeth are marred by a… Read more »

Des Moines Dentist Discusses Toothache Causes

Have you ever had a toothache? Considering the number of different issues that can lead to tooth sensitivity, there’s a good chance that you have. In fact, over 25% of adults in America say that they’ve had to take time off work to deal with a toothache. The first step to treating your sensitive tooth… Read more »

Why Your Mouth Deserves a Well-Balanced Diet

Last week, we discussed how maintaining a healthy body can help improve your oral health, as well. An additional benefit to healthy living involves ensuring that you consume an adequate amount of nutrients, which your body needs to operate properly, including your mouth. To help strengthen your knowledge of good dental nutrition, Des Moines dentist… Read more »

Resolutions for Better Dental Health

With the New Year in full swing, many thoughts turn to self-improvement. Healthier dieting and more exercise are among the most common resolutions made. Where your health is concerned, these may also be among the most beneficial resolutions you can adhere to. Unbeknownst to many people, however, is the benefits that diet and exercise can… Read more »