Is Your Smile Ready for the Holidays?

portrait of a pretty woman with a bright smileCelebrations wouldn’t be the same without abundant smiles, and as the time for generating and spreading joy draws near, your smile is an integral part of the holiday décor.  Pride in your smile will help ensure that you smile brightly and often, but the smallest blemish can dampen your smile’s spirit. One of the most common causes behind smile displeasure is stained teeth, which can occur from a number of mundane reasons, like eating. To help eliminate your smile-consciousness, Des Moines cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, offers two tooth-whitening options to enhance your smile on a schedule that fits into your holiday timeline.

A Last-Minute Tooth Makeover

As celebrations go, the holiday season is typically full of them. Parties, gatherings, dinners, charity events, weddings, and various other celebrations are common this year, and sometimes invitations leave little time for extensive preparation. Luckily, your teeth can still look their best, even on short notice. With a professional whitening mixture that instantly breaks through the toughest stains, our in-office tooth whitening treatment can brighten your teeth up to ten shades in just one visit. The procedure typically lasts about an hour or two, and is gentle enough to not irritate tooth structure or supporting tissues.

Holiday Preparation

If you do not have any pressing engagements, but your schedule is jam-packed with preparations and errands, ask Dr. Burds about our at-home tooth whitening system. We’ll order a custom-designed set of trays that fit over your teeth, much like a mouthguard worn in sports. The trays allow you to evenly apply professional-strength whitening gel to the surfaces of your teeth and help to ensure a thorough, uniform result. With at-home tooth whitening, you can expect to achieve optimal results in as little as two weeks.

Call Your Des Moines Cosmetic Dentist

To learn how you can brighten your smile, or to learn about our other options for perfecting your smile, schedule a consultation with your Des Moines cosmetic dentist by calling Gateway Dental Group at (515) 244-9565. We welcome patients from River Bend, Kirkwood Glen, East Village, and neighboring communities.