Des Moines Dentist Explains Causes of Bad Breath

smiling1Have you ever spoken with someone whose bad breath was noticeable during your conversation? Your foremost thoughts may have been centered on how to avoid the breath without obviously insulting them. Or, you may have worried about whether your own breath is ever that bad. Rest assured, everyone’s breath is offensive at least sometimes, such as in the mornings. However, there are many reasons for bad breath, and the symptom can often affect your life without you knowing why. To help you keep your breath fresh, Des Moines dentist Dr. Stephen Burds explains some of the more common reasons behind foul breath.

Why is Your Breath Bad?

  • Bacteria—if you are a patient or regular reader of ours, then you probably know that there are hundreds of different bacteria in your mouth at any given moment. Some of these germs are responsible for causing tooth decay and gum disease (both of which, coincidentally, can also cause bad breath). Others release gaseous sulfur compounds that taint your breath with their foul odors. Luckily, controlling oral bacteria is fairly simple. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day to limit oral bacteria’s ability to congregate.
  • Dry mouth—another common cause of bad breath is dry mouth, which can stem from a number of underlying causes. Saliva is a natural defense against dental health issues and helps to control bacteria and plaque accumulation. When saliva is reduced, bacteria thrive, and your chances of oral disease and bad breath are significantly increased. Common causes of dry mouth include breathing excessively through the mouth while sleeping, certain systemic illnesses (i.e., diabetes, respiratory infections, etc.), and some medications.
  • Skipping breakfast—when you sleep, your mouth’s saliva production is significantly reduced. By the time you wake up, bacteria and dry mouth have worked together to foul your breath. Eating breakfast in the morning helps initiate saliva production, as well as scrub away the bacteria that have accumulated overnight. Coupled with brushing your teeth afterwards, a healthy breakfast could be your first defense against a bad breath day.

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