Des Moines Cosmetic Dentist: Thanksgiving Takes on Teeth

The week of Thanksgiving rolls into the station. Around the country, people will fill the terminals of airports and train stations. Automobiles will test their fortitude against the cold of winter and the destruction of children moving across the country. No matter what your holiday travel plans look like, all of our teeth will likely encounter many of the same foods this holiday week. Starches, vegetables, and sugary treats often find their place on table tops. Your Des Moines cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, discusses how Thanksgiving takes on teeth.

Let the Games Begin

Each year, teeth must fight a startling battle to kick off the holiday season. Food indulgence occurs with great frequency, and rightfully so. November serves as a time for giving thanks and spreading cheer. Food often represents a good time. However, your teeth see Thanksgiving as a fight for their life. Harmful bacteria known as Streptococcus mutans wait to feed on sugars and carbohydrates so they can unleash an acid attack on tooth enamel. Remember, tooth enamel does not regenerate.

Protecting tooth enamel should remain paramount throughout the year, but especially during Thanksgiving. Luckily, scientists isolated a compound within cranberries that could aid in reducing the effects of S. mutans. Limiting harmful bacteria with cranberries could benefit teeth and overall health.

Red Wine Stains

One common drink pairing around the turkey table remains red wine. Without wine, the holidays might not feel the same. Sharing laughs around a glass of red wine can prove entertaining, but also serve as a source of embarrassment for those with wine-stained teeth. One easy and efficient way to limit red wine staining during the holidays: eat cheese. The calcium in cheese can aid in remineralizing teeth and even form a protective barrier around tooth enamel. Studies indicate that harder cheese limits staining with greater success.

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