Des Moines Cosmetic Dentist: Cranberries Good for Teeth

The arrival of November brings about an influx of travel arrangements, planning end-of-year parties, and preparations for a season of family gatherings. November also present a wealth of opportunities for people to indulge in their favorite holiday foods. Oven-roasted or fried turkeys will make their way onto the center of holiday spreads around Des Moines and the rest of the United States. Although the turkey acts as the star of the show, cranberries could benefit tooth health. Your Des Moines cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stephen Burds, discusses how cranberries could promote healthy teeth.

Cranberry Experts

A recent study out of the University of Rochester focused on the relation between cranberries and teeth. Scientists revealed that compounds found within cranberries can inhibit harmful bacteria known as Streptococcus mutans. These harmful bacteria live in our mouths and wait to launch their next assault on tooth enamel. S. mutans feed off carbohydrates and sugar to secrete harmful acids which attack and break down tooth enamel.

Sadly, tooth enamel does not regenerate. So, protecting enamel should remain paramount for everyone in the world. Additional research showed that compounds contained within cranberries can also limit plaque growth. Plaque serves as a hiding place for S. mutans. Bacteria love to lie in wait inside the sticky substance which coats teeth.

Teeth Stains

Even though cranberries could potentially present benefits for teeth, don’t go on a feeding frenzy quite yet. First off, many cranberry products contain large amounts of added sugar which can actually increase your risk for developing cavities. Also, cranberries and other holiday favorites could result in stained teeth. Red wine remains a popular pairing for holiday meals and serves as known cause of tooth stains. We can restore your previously bright, white smile with our teeth whitening options.

We offer professional at-home teeth whitening for our patients or in-office whitening. For patients in a hurry, we certainly recommend the in-office teeth whitening session because you could see dramatic results in a single visit. However, many patients prefer a more private approach to tooth whitening. For those patients, we can provide custom-fit bleaching trays and professional-strength whitening gel.

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