The Negative Effect of Soft Drinks on Teeth

Momentary satisfaction can result in long-lasting repercussions, especially when it comes to oral health. Studies repeatedly indicate that the acid in soft drinks erode tooth enamel from the first moment of consumption. However, the acidic nature of sodas alone isn’t the only thing to be concerned about. Without proper restraint, soda drinkers are leaving themselves susceptible to a myriad of related health issues.

Sugar and Bruxism

Equally important as restraining intake level of soft drinks, is the time of day at which sodas are consumed. Grinding teeth is common among adults and children, and referred to as bruxism. Consuming sugary drinks or foods too close to bedtime (six hours prior) is known to increase the probability of teeth grinding during sleep.

Left untreated, bruxism can eventually lead to broken, missing, or chipped teeth simply because the jaw is capable of exerting tremendous force during sleep. Fortunately, sufferers of bruxism can be fitted for a nightguard to wear in their mouth overnight, to minimize the damage of bruxing and eventually retrain the jaw to stop clenching and grinding. Although sugar intake is not the only contributing factor to jaw clenching and teeth grinding (stress, calcium deficiency), avoiding those sugar-filled drinks will certainly increase the chances for a rest-filled night and a beautiful smile.

Soft Drinks Soften Enamel

Several soft drinks on the market today brand themselves as sugar-free. Although sugar-free drinks are a seemingly safe alternative, the damage done by erosive acid contained within cannot be ignored. Although reportedly making up only 14% of total consumption, sugar-free drinks are equal offenders in crimes against enamel.

Losing enamel is a serious issue, especially as the population continues to live longer than ever before.  Many patients find it difficult to maintain good oral health in later years. Unfortunately, erasing years of wear and tear caused by soda is impossible, and could lead to an accelerated development of cavities. The only safe bet for avoiding soda-driven enamel loss is to exercise restraint and caution when consuming soft drinks or by simply avoiding them all together.

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