Rediscover the Joy of Smiling in Des Moines

Facial expressions are universal. For the most part, a smile is a smile no matter what part of the world you travel to. Aside from improving appearance and first impressions, smiling often is also good for your health by reducing stress. Many people, however, do not enjoy the benefits of regularly smiling because they are embarrassed by one or more missing teeth. Des Moines dentist Dr. Stephen Burds prefers to see all of his patients smiling brightly and confidently, and offers a variety of dental services to accomplish that for nearly everyone.

Missing a Few Good Teeth

One of our most popular procedures to replace missing teeth is dentures. Made from acrylic resin, dentures replace an entire set of teeth on your upper or lower jaw, or both. If you are missing only a few adjacent teeth on the upper or lower jaw, Dr. Burds may recommend partial dentures, or partials. Like full denture, a partial denture appliance is custom-designed and fitted. Partials fit around your remaining teeth to fill in the gaps left by their missing comrades.  

Why Dentures?

Missing teeth may be common, but it is not natural. Our teeth are essential to everyday functions like eating and speaking. When one or more teeth fall out, these functions are affected. Restoring your teeth with dentures will allow you to eat with joy again, as well as improve your speech capabilities and support facial structures. Having a full smile again will also restore your confidence, which will be obvious to the people around you.

A More Secure Fit

Typically, dentures are secured to your gums using suction or adhesive creams. For improved comfort and strength, ask Dr. Burds about implant-supported dentures. A series of small titanium screws are surgically placed in your jawbone to act as teeth roots and anchors for your dentures. Simply snap the appliance into place when you need them.

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