Des Moines Dentist Brightens Dad’s Smile for Father’s Day

Good times are always marked by an abundance of smiles. Yet some people lack the confidence to smile their brightest because of blemishes or imperfections on their teeth. Studies have shown that smiling can improve the quality of your social life as well as your career. This Father’s Day, Dr. Stephen Burds explains some of the cosmetic dental treatments he offers to erase those blemishes and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic Dental Options in Des Moines

Dr. Burds has extensive training and experience in cosmetic dentistry, and takes extra care to craft your smile into a masterpiece. If you are unhappy with the dull appearance of your smile, Dr. Burds will recommend a teeth-whitening treatment that best suits your needs. Our in-office whitening system can brighten your smile up to 10 shades in just one visit. If you prefer to whiten your teeth gradually and on your own time, Dr. Burds can supply you with professional-strength whitening gel that you apply to your teeth using custom-fitted trays.

Porcelain veneers are another popular cosmetic option. If you have one or many teeth that need perfecting, porcelain veneers can correct them with just one procedure. Veneers are custom made from thin layers of dental porcelain and are permanently bonded to the front of your teeth, instantly improving the appearance of teeth that are cracked, chipped, discolored, or slightly misshapen.

A less expensive alternative to veneers is dental bonding. Dr. Burds will use a material called composite resin to improve the shape and color of a tooth. The resin begins as a liquid, dyed to match the color of the affected tooth. After the resin is applied to the tooth, Dr. Burds will use a curing light to harden the resin, and then mold it to the desired tooth shape.

Smile Like You Mean It

You don’t have to continue to settle for a less than desirable smile. This Father’s Day, treat yourself to the smile you deserve, and start smiling like you mean it. If you live in the Des Moines area, call Gateway Dental Group at (515) 244-9596 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Burds. We welcome patients from Des Moines, River Bend, Kirkwood Glen, East Village, and neighboring communities.