Month: April 2012

Tooth Extractions During Summer in Des Moines

If you’re high school or college senior, you’re probably preparing for graduation, applying for jobs—and struggling with wisdom tooth pain. Your wisdom teeth are your third molars in the very back of your mouth that develop during the late teenage years. Studies show that about 75 percent of people will eventually need to have their… Read more »

Whiter Teeth in Des Moines

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits take a lot of time and patience to achieve your desired results. Many people overuse their whitening systems in the hopes of speeding up the bleaching process, but over-whitening your teeth can lead to sensitivity, irritation, erosion, and discoloration. Instead, if you have stubborn stains that just won’t disappear, it’s time… Read more »

Bulimia’s Damaging Effects on Your Smile

Your peers and parents may not know if you have an eating disorder, but Dr. Stephen Burds can tell. Bulimia is an eating disorder in which a person has frequent episodes of binge eating, followed by self-induced vomiting. A study by the Academy of General Dentistry revealed that purging episodes can occur as often as… Read more »